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La Di Da

The Way You Drive


I like the way you drive to life you’re like a knife that cuts through the bullshit


I like the way you drive yourself into me with our slow pulsing bodies I’m at sea


I like the way you drive the conversation to places that people don’t go

I never know with you what you’ll do next keep me on my toes



La Di Da


She walks into the room, what happens to you, who cut out the sound your mind is not around…

Anymore, all is left is your heart beat beat, jaw dropped drooling on your…

Feet, you start walking step step to her, mouth saying things like, ‘how are ya’

Wake up in a flash what just happened stepped back oh wait a minute

Is she smiling back


You’re alive with love and that’s all you’re thinking of

You’re blinded from the sun from up above

In love with love and that’s all you’re thinking of

You’re in love with love with love with love


La di di da la di di da di da la la la di da


You wake up in your room, what happened to you, oh what’s that sound, your mind is buzzing round

To the ground, those aren’t my shoes you look around you, oh hush hush now she’s sleeping next to you

Oh how could this happen to me? Aren’t those funny noises that she makes when sleeping, yet…

Somehow you find it so endearing and aren’t you

Just lucky


Your friends they don’t understand they think that you’re delusional

But if they could open up your chest they’d see your hearts fractal

Is it really so complex, or is it all just simple

Your mind is a haze but it’s a haze you crave and that is all

So you know that she’s the one (for now)


Good Man


Oh he’s a good one, he cares for me

Don’t always feel it, but I know that he wants the best for me


Perfect? We’re not perfect

Don’t try to be

Love, I don’t love every aspect of your personality


Yet I’m glad to be your honeybee,

Glad to be you honeybee



I’ll always love him

Even if we….

Together, not together

I want him to be as happy as he can be


He’s a good man, always will be

He’s so good so good I’m lucky



Drilling down self discipline

Don’t play to play, I play to win

Catalyst, spark my sin

Oh how my head starts to spin


But when you touch my body

All I know is in the win

When you touch my body

All I know is that I can’t win


Mud, Mud


Woke up in the morning

Oh what have I done?

How I long to belong to you and want you to want it too



I’m getting closer to music and it makes me feel closer to you

The memories turn to harmonies and they torture me just like you used to do


I can still remember

Cruel things we did to each other

But somehow it doesn’t matter

I’m still stuck on you


We’d walk through parks together our feet were made of feathers

You’d fill me up with laughter then cut me down the day after

Yet still we stayed together we were drunk on our sick pleasure

You made me feel alive



Two girls are lost looking for lovers

No skin to bleed their hearts uncovered

Looking to please and be discovered

Their selfish deeds are being lovers


The lovers sit and watch the day

As it fades and falls away

They can’t begin to understand

They only know the ways of men


Looking to please on bended knees

We’ll be discovered

Stripping our lovers

Bluebird’s Nest


I place all the boys in my fantasy

The ones I loved and hated, the ones I said hi to occasionally

I put them all inside of me

Letting their lips cover every nook of my body


Oh you were the victor of my little noxious test

Because you loved me better than all the rest

I laced my fingers through the nape of you neck

You were asleep as you hand laid softly upon my breast


Oh oh how I longed to let you in

You’re body so pale and freckled new, white and fresh

I compared your to my cocoa skin

The contrast between our cleaving flesh

As our limbs intertwined and meshed

The way our colors weaved like a bluebirds nest

The way our colors weaved like a bluebirds nest

A bluebirds nest, bluebird’s nest    

In the Fire


Throw me in the fire

Watch the flames burn higher

With your terrors removed

With your terrors removed


Bonne Amie

(Good friend)


Il y a une fille

There is a girl

avec deux grands yeux

With two ample eyes

Un sourire qui brille

A smile that shines

Même si elle est ailleurs

However she is elsewhere

Mais je l'adore pour son espirit

But I adore her for her mind

J'aime quand on parle et quand on rit

I love it when we talk and when we laugh


Ma bonne amie, Ma bonne amie

My good friend, My good friend

Parler avec toi, ce n'est pas un souci

Talking with you is not a worry

Ma bonne amie, tu donnes ton avis

My good friend, You give me your opinion

à propos de toutes les choses de la vie

on everything in life

Elle incarne la joie de vivre

She embodies the joy of life

Ses belles paroles m'enivrent

Her beautiful words intoxicate me

Te-souviens tu de la chanson du paresseux?

Do you remember the song about the sloth?

On faisait n'importe quoi et on a écrite toute les deux

We did whatever and wrote it together


Ma bonne amie, Ma bonne amie

My good friend, My good friend

Quand j'suis avec toi j'ai pas de souci

When I'm with you I have no worries

Ma bonne amie, Ma bonne amie

My good friend, my good friend

Je te garderai pour toute la vie

I'll keep you for life

Quand on était ensemble la vie rimait avec vacance

When we are together life resembles vacation

Tes gestes et mouvements se font avec élégance

Your gestures and movements are done with elegance

Tu es aux États Unis, je suis en France

You are in the United States, I'm in France

Tu viendra peut-être me voir avec un peu de

You'll come visit me perhaps with a bit of chance

Sit Next To You


You feel it creeping in

Coming to suck your breadth

Falling off the earth


In your head, (you're/where)

in your head


Until you know what to do

I can sit here next to you

I can't say I know what you're going through

But I'll be here sitting next to you


But I feel so helpless

Love escapes your eyes

Where does your mind lie?

Eyes Open


Give me a lonesome night

I want to feel sorrow


There’s a gentle consciousness

When the body’s calm



My eyes are open


My head is clear and I find peace

When I look out the window



In general I’m happier in nature

Though my skin is full of bug bites and splinters

I’m itchy and uncomfortable

but somehow there’s a peace in my soul Ok


And I’m learning as I go

Many things I don’t have control of

And all the possibilities I could take Ok


I’m cynical when I think about you

But I still write about how it used to

Be and your stupid affect on me

More rhymes and time and I guess we’ll see Ok

Kitchen Counter


Sitting on my kitchen counter

Up high on the 15th story

I can see the Eiffel Tour

As it sparkle here before me


And I wonder how many stories

Of love lay buried in its memory

As I gaze upon the city

I think of you I think of you I think of you and me


We were playing Texas Hold’em

Anti up and deal me in

But should I raise or should I fold them

Oh the risks when gamblin


And I wonder how can I win

My thoughts are cards in a deck that’s shuffling

Should I raise or fold, will we grow old

Will we stay together or part forever


Je me demande

combien de temps nous

avons, avant nous de partir pour de bon

je me je me demande


Sitting on my kitchen counter

I can’t help but wander

Oh will we stay together or will we part forever?


Yue Zou Yue Shen

(Walking Further and Deeper)


You're on your way

I see your silhouette

I won't make you stay

My love


Walking on the field with no direction


zai hei an li yue zou yue shen

(Within the darkness, walking further and deeper)



yue zou yue shen

(Walking further and deeper)



bu zai huan xiang

(No longer in the illusion)


ba hei an

(Taking the darkness)


zhuang jīn xing nang

(Packing it in my napsack)


you dang liu lang

(Wandering, roaming)

Choose your Words


Your insecurities become a self fulfilled prophecy

As you rip apart pieces of my psychology

Using your words as weapons just to hurt me

But the impact is hard to foresee

I say


Choose your words very carefully

Choose your words very carefully

Before there are too many casualties


I need my choice I need my freedom

So let me love you to my rhythm

I made my choice I need my freedom

So let me love you to my rhythm


Can you take me as I am

Oh can you take me as I am

Oh come on take me as I am

Oh no won’t you choose to understand?

Oh understand


And then maybe things can go back to

How they used to be


Old Fashioned Romance


Oh won’t you give me a chance

At an old-fashioned romance

Eloquently move me with a good story

So I can lean in closely and kiss your cheek

See roses rush to your face

As I place my hand into yours


But doesn’t that take swag?

Perhaps the people back in those days had

it more than I’ll ever have

Beats drunkenly stumbling towards the other

Lunging dubiously while trying to utter

How do I get you out of those pants?

Not a chance

Oh won’t you give me an old-fashioned romance


I can hear the rumble

Of those who are tired of

Endless pointless nights

Trying to pick up


Some say good things take time

I want to share more of mine

So let us brew in the slow cooker

I’ll be your Ghirardelli sugar

I’m not trying to cast away forever

But leave me out of another

Forgettable regrettable casual encounter


Oh won’t you give me an old-fashioned romance

The Apartment

Open the gate and through the entry way

Up the stairway drop your stuff off

And say ‘hello home’

Hear it’s reply in the same old tone


Come to my apartment

Let me cook you up something delicious

And we can have a dance party

Or do arts and crafts until 3:30 in the morning


Wrap yourself in my cocoon

By the way the that is code for the bed in my room

And we can chat until dawn

While alarm clocks chirp and old men mow their lawns

While the world starts its bustling

We’ll be in dreamless sleep nustling


And that is all I want more or less

Good food and things to do and people at their best

Good Man
Bluebird's Nest
In The Fire
Bonne Amie (Good Friend)
Sit Next to You
Eyes Open
Kitchen Counter
Yue Zou Yue Shen (越走越深)
Choose Your Words
Old-Fashioned Romance
The Apartment
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